Saturday, August 24, 2013

Great Morning

Had a great run this morning.

Cooler and breezier than my normal Sunday afternoon runs. Really need to move my long runs to Saturday morning so I can acclimate slowly to the cooler temperatures. Remember the half marathon is in November and it tends to be pretty chilly at 7 am. It takes me about a mile to get warmed up.

Recovery is starting to take longer. However, I am running 4.5 miles on the weekdays and then a long run on the weekend. It is a good combination for working out and is definitely building strength.

I did notice I am right leg dominate. I have to think about using and pushing with my left leg. If I don't the leg tends to just go through the motion. Anyone who has ridden a paddle boat with me knows the most of my power is in my right leg. Much to their annoyance.

Weekly weigh-in: 240.4*
* estimated, added 4 to after run weight.

Today's run:

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