Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's August, it's supposed to be HOT!

Run today was ok. I thought I would do better having a day off of running but as hot as it was I am not too disappointed. 

Trying to up my daily runs this week to 4.5 miles. I made it today... We will see about the rest of the week. I don't foresee any problems except the weather forecast. Seems to be thunderstorms coming up on Thursday.

Took the time to loosen my shoe strings today and retighten them down. There was a crease in the shoe that was weird and rubbing on big toe and caused a blister last run. Much more comfy today. Nothing is worse than a rub in the wrong place because you know it's going to hurt later. 

I have gone back to my Adidas Climalite ball-cap. It seems to shield my face from the sun better and feels better on bright sunny days. I really like both hats it's just that I have a hatred for Sunscreen. 

Thought for the day: Run with a smile.

Today's Run:

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