Sunday, September 1, 2013

Run 4 Life

You can take that two ways. Running for the rest of your life, or running to promote your own health.

Well today it's about that latter. I could do it for myself. However, we made an addition to our family yesterday. Isaac Elliot was born. So I may run to promote my health but I do it for my family.

This is me in the OR holding him and taking his picture. God gave us a great capacity to love. We have been blessed to over flowing. Isaac makes number 4, so now we are a family of 6 and can expect long wait times at every restaurant because most only have tables for 4 or 5. No longer can I fit my family in a sedan. So many things change but they are all for the better.

I was able to get my goal of 100 miles in for August. Actually got in 101.5 miles which is a little less than last year.

What I can tell you about running for life is that you have to do if for both before mentioned reasons. I stopped over the winter last year and my body slowly gained the weight back. I started feeling uncomfortably big again. It's better to just keep running for life. So you can have a life to give and share to the ones you love. If you have stopped before, start again. Don't give up. I'll meet up with you at the finish line.

This weeks weigh in: 237.6

Saturdays Long Run:

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