Saturday, October 26, 2013


Good run today.

I way over dressed but it's good that I did. I didn't realize it was going to be so windy out. Thankfully I was able to half unzip my jacket to cool me off enough,

I realized today when I wanted to speed up a little, I started taking deeper breaths, which mean the air went in and out faster. It's amazing how that wore out my lungs. Once I went back to normal breathing the run was much more fun.

Must be me getting nervous about the race next Saturday already. Trying to always run a personal best gets tiresome and stressful.

Oh, my normal breathing is a shallower breath but slightly more air than when I am at rest. Definitely more regular too. I find that breathing In-2-3 Out-2-3 still works the best. Yes, I time it with my steps.

I should probably lay off the sodas and caffeine this week so I can make sure I am well hydrated. 

I have two maybe three workouts left before my run. They will only be 2-3 mile runs for 20-35 minutes. Just enough to keep them exercised a little.

Remember to keep calm and run.

This weeks weigh in (after run): 230.6

Today's run:


  1. Its odd how I found your blog... I was sent an email by my employer warning us about traffic issues in the coming days that included the marathon. Went to the IMM website to find the actual route (so I know which streets to avoid) and saw that you've taken on Mike's challenge. I think that's awesome and I'll be rooting for you to make your time!!! Sidenote: I'm from Elkhart but living in Indianapolis so I'm REALLY rooting for you!

    Good Luck!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement!