Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crunch Time!

Well we are about 10 days from the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and it is crunch time.

I am running the half marathon which is around 13.1 miles.

So, here is my last-minute advice for all you beginner runners. But don't just take my word for it. Read up on it from multiple sources for yourself.

1. You want to make sure you are comfortable during your run, dress for success!
  • Need something that is not too heavy, but will keep you warm at near freezing temperatures. (I am wearing Adidas Climawarm pants and top - great for that 30-48 degree weather.)
  • They do make socks so that when your feet sweat it causes a chemical reaction and the socks warm up. They are very nice.
  • Gloves. Get something that has a nice soft fuzzy material on the thumbs. (They comes in handy when you need to wipe your nose.)
  • I plan on wearing my Skull Cap and a regular hat over it. It will prevent sweat from running down my face. The regular loose fitting hat will help keep some heat in.
  • Do what ever it takes to ensure no blisters or raw skin become a problem. You should have this figured out by now, but if you are still having issues, ask some other runners on how best to deal with your dis-comfort areas.
  2. Keep it SLOW out of the gate. The race will not be won or a PR made in the first 3 miles of the run. I have been reading up a lot on how to prep for a race like this and I get the same message over and over and over again. First, there are going to be 11,000 people at the starting line and it will be crowded. If you wait a little to pick up your pace, there will be less crowding. Unless you like being worn out before the first 3 miles are over because you are darting and going fast then slow then fast then super fast to get around a group and then slow to catch your breath - then KEEP IT SLOW AT THE START. At 5k, if you are feeling really good maybe kick it up a notch. Then again at 10k you can re-evaluate your pace. Last time you want to check your pace is the last 5k of the run. This is where you want to kick it into high gear if you have it in you, if not keep the pace you are going. More records are broke by people who run the second half of the run faster than the first half of the run.  

3. YOU ARE A SKILLED METAL WORKER! Or in this case, marathon runner. That is right, just like Khalil in the Veggie Tales movie Jonah, you need to have a positive mental attitude. Most of this fight is mental. Your body can handle it. Unfortunately our brains like to give up before our body is worn out. So, you need to think positive. Be prepared because the conditions are almost never perfect. While the IMM will claim it was perfect last year, I don't count being pelted by sleet perfect.

4. Your last run should be around 60-48 hours before the race. A short 2 mile / 20 minute run would be perfect. You'll want at least 48 hours of recovery before the long run.

Today's Run:

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