Sunday, October 6, 2013

So, when is it time for new shoe?

I have done some research on when to replace my running shoes. There are as many different opinions as there are flavors of ice cream at baskin robins. I did, however, come across some good guidelines. 

One would assume that it's when the shoes wear out. That's exactly right. Knowing when your shoes are wore out is a whole new experience for running shoes though.

If you've been into basketball or tennis you know it is usually the rubber sole that wears out and you know it time to replace your shoes.

On the flip side, running shoes can practically look brand new when the need to be replaced with very little wear on the tread. 

So for running shoes here are the guidelines that I liked:
    1. Replace your shoes every 3-6 Months.
    2. Shoes should be replaced every 300-450 miles.

So, those are good guidelines, but when do you really know it's time? For runners that translates into pain they usually don't have after running. 

What happens is the vision in the shoes break down causing more stress on your legs and knees. So if you are starting to run into discomfort after your runs, then you know it's time.

Why, did I look this all up? Well, yeah some muscle, bone and joing pain popped up. It seems to only come on longer runs that are more than 10 miles. At this point I am not sure if it's the shoes or the distance, but I'll know when I get the same sort of pains from shorter 4-5 mile runs.

My current shoes are 3 months old and have just over 250 miles of running on them. I know the mileage is short, but I am relying on what little cusion in my shoes that there are to take a beating from 240 lbs landing on it. It would be a whole knew scenario if I was 190 lbs. 

So, yes, everyone will vary with when they need to replace their shoes, but your body will tell you. Remember, that pain is a gift, it is telling you something's not right and to take care. Listen to it.

Weekly weigh-in: yeah, maybe next week

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