Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do you like to run?

This question was recently asked of me. At the time I said, "No". Now, I think I know how to better respond. I should have said something like, "As much as I love having a root canal done." 

Problem is I have bend fortunate enough not to have experienced one yet but I hear they are painful. So, I am really not sure if that is a good metaphor.

So what's the God's honest truth? 

Most days I have a desk job. That means I get very little physical activity. It is great if you work at a manual labor job and you get your exercise in while you work. However, in our technology crazed era a lot of people have desk jobs.

Rather than blame my chubbiness on fast food I blame it in myself. Why? Because I should have some sort of self restraint. Really, you can say no if they ask you if you want to upsize that for 39 cents. Do you really need to super sized sweet tea? I know it's only a buck right?

Think of it as money. By the looks of it I have plenty in savings. While stockpiles of emergency funds are great, stockpiles of fat are not. 

So the fact is, I need to spend time exercising. I chose running because it is something easy to fit into a schedule and take with you on vacation.

Do I like to run? The training runs are that, training. They can be laborious. However, I have really begun to enjoy my Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon runs. Usually they ard longer, I am not trying to run as fast as I can, and I have time to enjoy the scenery around me. From really cool spider webs, to children playing, to fall colors in the leaves. It's all good and make the whole thing worth while. 

So while it may not be the act of running I enjoy, running does bring me closer to world around me and the One who created it all.

Last weeks weigh in: 235.6
Last Saturdays run:

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