Saturday, September 28, 2013

Slow and steady wins the race.

So today I ran... And ran... And ran. All 13.1 miles and was disappointed that my time was 9 seconds more per mile than two weeks ago.

However, after reviewing my run I noticed my pace looked more like a yo-yo than the straight line runners try for.

So what I've learned is that there is a reason you want even pace. That reason is simple. It is a lot less stressful on your body. Two weeks ago I stopped at 13.1 miles only because I had previously only ran 10 miles this year. I could have kept running two weeks ago, I was feeling good and I had a great pace.

Today was total opposite. I just could not keep a good pace. I struggled to hit 13.1 and do as well as I did. So, next time I think I'll take it a little slower out of the gate.

This weeks weigh-in: 237.0
After run: 232.6

Today's run:

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  1. Hey Otto, just wanted to say congrats and good luck in November. I take care of the IMM's website and have been following your efforts a little. I noticed you are meeting your goal of 2:24 on your training runs and, as a non-runner, I think that's incredible. Keep up the good work.