Monday, August 5, 2013

What about Bob?

It is always good to keep your eye on the goal. However, if you watched the movie "What about Bob?" then you also know about baby steps. 

In the movie things seems so far away for Bob. He just couldn't get over whatever because the mountain he needed to overcome was too big.

Then he happens on the term baby steps and it is a total break through. We are not all going to marathoners over night, but what is you baby step? The idea of a baby step is to take a step in the right direction that is obtainable.

So my plan, or baby step, for August is to run 100 miles. Might seem like a lot. But if I break it down it is around 22 miles a week. Not only will it encourage me to run more often, it will encourage me to run farther. 

It is all about building endurance this month. Hopefully I don't get burned out before then end of the month.

What's your baby step?

Today's run:

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