Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's too dark...

Really! It was really dark this morning shortly after I left my house to go run on the path at the park in town. That plus the haze from the humidity would have made it dangerous to run on the road. While I hate running laps like a lab rat, safety is a top concern of mine.

Why so early? Well, I had my health assessment at work today and to lower my blood pressure I decided to lose some water weight and go in dehydrated. It worked well enough as my blood pressure came in at 120/84. A lot better than when I donated blood and it was 150/95.

About being dark out... It is easy for use to come up with excuses not to exercise or for a reason to eat something sweet. The main thing is self control and to have all things in moderation. 

Today's run:


  1. nice run! You're upping your distance... :)

  2. Thanks! It is getting easier to run farther.