Friday, August 9, 2013

Mission Enduracool Skull Cap Review

Yes. It FINALLY came. Ugh.

I get annoyed when you purchase something online and there is like a 2-3 week processing period.

Any how the hat I ordered made by Mission Athletecare you can find here, here, or here.

Because I had to wait I really wanted to hate this hat and be so disappointed with it. I almost left without it today, but figured I better give it a try since I had bothered to purchase it. It was probably in the upper 70's when I ran today but it was only partly sunny. So lots of cloud cover when I ran, at least for the first few miles. I had some good sun at miles 4 and 5.

I followed the directions and soaked the hat in cold water. I gave it a good squeeze so that hat would still be wet, but not drippy wet. Put it on my head and headed out the door. I looked in the mirror on the way out to confirm that I looked like a dork. Check. But what is a bald guy supposed to do, burn the top of his head and have burning eyes from all the sweat? I can take looking like a dork if there is some benefit so I was willing to risk it. I really didn't like it at first. I have a really large noggin. The hat only comes one-size-fits-all. Probably better said that one-size-fits-most. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it did actually feel cool. After about two miles though I thought the hat must have dried out because it was not "cool" feeling any more. It was almost like wearing nothing. I even forgot it was there later on in my run. Once I stopped running I remember it was there though. It started to be uncomfortable around my head and was starting to give me a headache. The headache feeling went away as soon as I took it off. That is when I notice that the hat was drenched and my head was dry and I was not hot. So my best description of this hat, is that is does cool, but it makes your head feel like it did before you started running. Does an awesome job soaking up the sweat and keeping it from dripping down your face and into your eyes. It even provides 50 SPF for people with bald head like me that need a little protection.

So, if you have a bald head or lots of sweat getting in your eyes... this is the way to go, BUY ONE. Remember, I wanted to hate this thing. It is way better than wearing my Adidas ClimaLite Ball Cap.  Will I wear it on cooler days? I am thinking I probably will try it under a regular cap once it gets cold out.

If you see me running on the road, feel free to wave or honk.

Today's Run (Ugh, I was 5 seconds slower over all than my last 6 mile run):

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