Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Drive

I went for a Sunday drive today. It is amazing how much you notice around you if your not constantly monitoring your speed or breathing. 

Today there were a couple of Amish boys inside the fence at the water treatment plant. Who knows what they were doing, but they weren't in the water and they weren't causing any harm. Down the road a little farther was either a reunion or church potluck or both at Leatherman Park. Closer to home on my way through the outskirts of town were a half dozen kids giggling and bouncing on a trampoline. In park downtown was packed. The sound of people enjoying life.

What I am saying is sometimes you need to run for enjoyment or it becomes a chore. Same with any exercise program. I like running because it something that is very portable and can fit into almost every schedule.

Today's Run:

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