Saturday, August 3, 2013

The smell of Money!

I had a really nice morning run today. However, within the first half mile I was greeted by the smell of Money. 

It is commonly known as manure to city folk, but around these parts it is the smell of money. I didn't mind when I ran past the horse stables, but when I ran past a barn full of cows the smell was not so nice.

I should probably pick my route better, but when I left I was going to try to make some more route art. Not a lazy 8 again but if your patient with me I'll get it done one of these days. 

Usually having a "route art" in mind will help me get that last mile done. This morning however it seems I was interrupted by a call of nature. At first I re routed myself to make the run shorter, but then I had to pull a u-turn and head home. I guess I didn't was to get caught in the wild or knocking on someone's door. Especially in my sweaty running clothes. I am just grateful I made it.

So on the diet side of things I have to give kudo's to Subway for having Chocolate milk. Unfortunately Jersey Mikes, Jimmy John's, and Taco Bell only carry Soda or water. Not that I am against water, I just need that extra something that is not red meat to help me make it to dinner without snacking.

This mornings weigh-in before run: 241.2
After I ran: 237.2

Can I hear a hip-hip-hooray? That's the first time in a long time I have seen the scale below 240. I know I am not supposed to count water loss as weight loss, but still it is exciting for me. 

So it's the end of the week and I have discovered only running two miles does me no good. All it did was make the 6 miles I did run today harder than they were before. I think next week I'll try 4 mile runs instead.

Today's run:

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