Sunday, September 15, 2013

I made it!

For those of you who use MapMyRun you know you can take part in different challenges. 

I took part in a challenge by Aetna. 

Aetna's challenge was over 90 days. The first 30 days you needed to log 10 workouts of 20 minutes or more. The second 30 days you needed to log 15 workouts of 20 minutes or more. The last 30 days you needed to log 20 workouts of 20 minutes or more. 

Well today is day 90 and I just logged my 20th workout of 20 minutes or more for the past 30 days. This means I have completed all three phases of the challenge and will be put in the bucket for the grand prize drawing. 

Will I win? Most likely not. I have a 1 in 22,485 chance. Not very good odds.

But with out the challenge I know of at least two workouts I would not have done.

They both involve rain. Today I wore my jogging suit because it is light and helps keep the rain off. That is good for electronics like my iPhone which I use on every run. 

However, I can say the jogging suit made me feel much heavier. Maybe if the pants didn't have a cotton lining it would be better. I know I couldn't wait for the 20 minutes to be done. So when running, less is better.

The Challenge:

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