Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Endurance training is for the birds!

I don't mind the running part... It is just when I stop running my calves burn and I can hardly walk. So I guess it's the recovery I don't like.

I am on target to hit 100 miles this month. Decided to go back to running farther all week up to my long run. Running the same distance too much and I found that my body was anticipating stopping at that distance. Hopefully I'll be in for a good long run this weekend.

Curious how many people run every day?
Anyone run twice a day?

Today's Run:

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  1. I never run every day...I've never in my life run twice in 24 hours because while I don't mind the run rinse repeat lifestyle...twice in one day may kill my routine ;). I find swimming to be the best cross training for off days since it doesn't cause too much soreness and helps stretch sore muscles out. :). Keep up the good work! :)